Hydro Lift Scaffold
St Paul Fertilizer Storage
Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
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Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
Laser Screeded Floors on In Floor Heat, with Early entry cutting
Mezzanines of any shape or size
Pro Vision Ag Auberndale, WI
Ice Arena Floors
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Cement piers and concrete piers can be vital elements of the construction industry. Our technical and construction teams provide complete service and satisfaction for your project needs. For homes and light commercial buildings, piers are concrete columns that are formed by pouring liquid concrete into holes drilled into the ground. They are designed to carry very heavy loads due to the compression strength of concrete mix. Piers can be used for new construction or foundation repair as well.

Our contractors make use of well developed techniques and equipment in order to create concrete and cement piers of high standard and quality. Our company utilizes sophisticated technologies and advanced innovations in the delivery of safer products. We have a long history of experience in the field of masonry and concrete services. This affords us an element of creativity that you'll notice from start to finish of the project.

Double J consists of dedicated and the skillful employees who are always ready to face challenges and bring new ideas to their work. All the projects, whether small or large, are handled by expertise in order to serve you optimally.

Concrete companies are many, but companies with excellent standards are few. Choose Double J today!