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St Paul Fertilizer Storage
Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
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Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
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Mezzanines of any shape or size
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Poured concrete foundations offer a durable base for your building or facility. Whether traditional concrete forms, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), or pre-cast concrete panels concrete foundational walls are a steel reinforced cement mixture utilizing lengths of steel rebar to help provide tension strength.

Double J concrete and Masonry was founded with the mission of giving service at its best and sustaining new ideas with business growth and development. We utilize innovative machinery, tools, safety training and education for employees. All of this so that we can provide a strong platform in the areas of block foundation, block laying, concrete walls and foundation pouring services. Over the years there has been much advancement in the application of the foundation system and poured foundations to creating stability in your building.

For any new building a good footing and robust foundation should be considered as the first step. Our concrete foundation options give you a variety of features like strength, water resistance, enhancing safety and energy efficiency and decrease installation time. All types of customers whether they are small or big, can benefit from the same range of services from our company. Superior products and services are used as per your needs and custom specifications.

At Double J Concrete and Masonry, we aim to satisfy your foundation requirements with the help of a structurally sound foundation.