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Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
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Concrete Footing

Concrete footings are essential to all building construction to provide a base for building walls for distribution of weight bearing structures and helps to reduce settling. Footings are also generally steel reinforced for improved tension strength. Using an effective footing system helps in producing a solid structure by its permanence, substance and strength. Double J Concrete and Masonry provides quality footing construction for your building needs.

Our high quality material and craftsmanship will help guard against ground water. Our structural engineers design the footing on the basis of factors like building's weight, soil type, budget, block slope, wall construction type and height and more.

The footing and the foundation both play a vital role in the construction process. Our strategy includes our experienced employees who work in such a way so as to provide maximum benefits to our clients. Proper spacing between the footings is necessary for laying the foundation. The footing work requires careful planning and installation with minimal excavation and this step should be analyzed on every project to make sure the job is done right.

All aspects of footings and foundations are very crucial and need to be constructed properly because they are responsible for maintaining the overall structure of the building. Call Double J today to get your project started on the right foot!