Hydro Lift Scaffold
St Paul Fertilizer Storage
Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
High Schools 
Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
Laser Screeded Floors on In Floor Heat, with Early entry cutting
Mezzanines of any shape or size
Pro Vision Ag Auberndale, WI
Ice Arena Floors
Cold weather Construction

Flat Work

Everyone considers their home the ultimate asset in their life, so when there is a need to call a contractor for providing concrete and masonry servicess you need experienced professionals. Double J Masonry of west central Minnesota has grown to provide large scale services for both residential and commercial property.

We are highly specialized in the process of construction, removal and replacement of cement concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, stairs, garage floors and slab floors. Our goal is to provide quality service to our customers with the help of cutting edge techniques and equipment. We believe in doing work according to our client's tastes and preferences.

Our flatwork services include project management, repairing, sealing, overlays, finishing and much more. Our work promotes a level of comfort with our partners as well as with homeowners. We are always ready to adopt the latest methods according to changing circumstances in the market and provide cost effective flatwork services.

From stamped concrete to acid stain or dyed patio or garage floors, we have the experience to take care of your project through completion.

You will find the versatility in our concrete floors in the garage and slab floor homes, which offer you with a wide range of designs and patterns. We ensure that our clients will get the long lasting benefits from our services at reasonable prices.

All projects and services are completed with our professional workforce using the highest quality and modern equipment. Customers always prefer high quality standard products so; we plan everything according to their demands.