Hydro Lift Scaffold
St Paul Fertilizer Storage
Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
High Schools 
Glacial Plains Murdock, MN
Laser Screeded Floors on In Floor Heat, with Early entry cutting
Mezzanines of any shape or size
Pro Vision Ag Auberndale, WI
Ice Arena Floors
Cold weather Construction


Double J. Concrete & Masonry is synonymous with performing commercial concrete and masonry work, with approximately 80% of our projects falling into this sector. Our company is structured to operate on a large business to business platform, employing a full-time, accurate estimator and numerous foremen.

It is our accuracy, attention to detail, safety record and respectful, professional staff that keeps clients coming back to us. At Double J. Concrete & Masonry we continually strive to uphold our reputation and excellence with every job.

Concrete Flatwork
•Flat floor with documented flatness (FF/FL)
•Multiple slope floors - laser controlled •Track laser controlled grading
•Somero Laser Screeds® •Concrete finishing with hydro riders
•Somero PowerRake® •Early entry concrete cutting
•Concrete pumps (trailer line pump & boom pump) •Colored concrete
•Mechanical rebar tiers •Stamped concrete
•Vacuum saws •Stained concrete

•Block work Brick work
•Natural stone •Cultured stone
•Hydro mobile scaffold

Decorative Pre-Cast Stones
Setting of decorative pre-cast panels

Ground Thawing
•Ground thaw machine - insulating blankets
•Finishing only
•Vacuum saw cutting
•Call us for individual quotes